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Steamy Shades - Positioned for Pleasure - Various

Steamy Shades - Positioned for Pleasure - Various

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Steamy Shades - Positioned for Pleasure:


The Steamy Shades Inflatable Wedge is a blow-up pillow that allows you to explore adventurous sex positions in comfort. It even adds a lift to missionary for instant enhancement of a classic position!

The Inflatable Wedge by Steamy Shades is the ultimate support system for great sex, allowing you to explore adventurous positions in comfort for even more stimulation and pleasure. This wedge is made from sturdy inflatable plastic with reinforced seams that allow you to get as adventurous as your imagination allows! This wedge pillow is reusable and easy to store and it’s perfect for travel and a naughty weekend away. This inflatable wedge is easily cleaned and is designed to prevent slippage, making sex even more sensational.

This inflatable wedge is soft to the touch and has a easy to clean outer lining. The soft fabric is comfortable and prevents slipping when in various positions. made of sturdy plastic with reinforced seams and travel friendly.

• Inflated size: Length: 39cm | Height: 17cm | Width: 28cm | Angle: 30-35 Degrees

• Material: 100% Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)



If you ever find yourself reaching for a pillow to prop yourself up during sex, you’ll love our inflatable wedge with restraint cuffs for improved positioning. This wedge supports you during sex and prevents slipping, inspiring you to try something totally new!

Our Steamy Shades Inflatable Wedge supports you during sex, inviting you to explore brand new positions or enjoy your favourites in comfort. This wedge cushion is an exciting addition to sex and comes with a set of cuffs to playfully restrain your partner. The wedge prevents slipping, inviting you to enjoy those slightly more daring positions that may have intimidated you in the past. (It’s also perfect for doggy style and for supporting her during missionary play). Our wedge is made from strong plastic with reinforced seams that support your weight and is easily cleaned for low maintenance fun. This wedge transforms your sex life, inspiring you to try something new or to add a twist to your go-to positions. This wedge enhances sex at every angle. It’s perfect for travel too and can be discreetly stored during sessions.

This inflatable position ramp allows you to explore various sex positions in comfort. The non-slip surface prevents slipping and is made from sturdy plastic with reinforced seams. This inflatable wedge has velcro fasteners for securing wrists and ankles with the supplied cuffs.

• Wedge (100% Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

• Cuffs (100% Polyester)

• Trigger Hooks (100% nickel-free Iron)



The Positioning Set by Steamy Shades is a great complement to comfortable sex and the included wedge pillow designed to prevent slipping and is easily cleaned for regular creative fun.

The Steamy Shades Positioning Set doesn't just inspire you to try new positions, it also includes an inflatable wedge pillow for perfect positioning! This kit includes an eye mask, a satin ties bed restraint kit as well as door jam closet cuffs that allow you to explore vertical play. These feature elegant corset lace-up detail for sophisticated, sensual pleasure.

The inflatable wedge is great for giving you a lift and supporting you when you’re trying out a new position - or reworking a classic favourite. It’s easy to inflate and deflate and great for travel and easy, discreet storage.

The Positioning Set features a light lace overlay for a stunning finish that keeps your look kinky but feminine.

• Door Jam Closet Cuffs

• Inflatable Wedge

• Satin Ties Bed Restraint Kit

• Blindfold



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