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Satisfyer Feel Good Menstrual Cups - Set 15ml & 20ml

Satisfyer Feel Good Menstrual Cups - Set 15ml & 20ml

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These hygienic, medical grade silicone, and easy to insert menstrual cups are available in a practical set of two. They have a capacity of 15 and 20 ml, which make them suitable for lighter and heavier days. Featuring a slightly curved design,

Made from super-soft, skin-friendly, medical-grade silicone that’s smooth to the touch and extremely hygienic.

• Use with a Water-based Lube for easy insertion.

• Clean with a Toy-Cleaner during period.

• Reusable to clean submerge in boiling water after every period.

• Suitable for beginners and connoisseurs.

• Medical grade silicone.

Women everywhere are starting to rethink their period habits.  Did you know that tampons leave your vagina dry and often throws off the natural pH-balance by soaking up to 35% of your bodies' natural lubrication as well as healthy bacteria that your vagina needs to prevent infection?

There is a better solution... Menstrual cups are designed to be a natural and effective way of maintaining the Vaginal pH by "gathering" blood instead of absorbing it.

They move with you as you go and can even help in boosting the strength of the vaginal muscle by expanding in resistance. 

Menstrual cups are also reusable, unlike other feminine care products, meaning that you are not only helping the environment, but also your wallet!

We deserve better. Period.

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