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Renew & Restore Collagen with Vita C Baobab 540g

Renew & Restore Collagen with Vita C Baobab 540g

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The Perfect Collagen Smoothie Blend

30 Day Supplement

Renew & Restore Collagen with Vita C Baobab is a Combo supplement of choice. Use this combo for double value and lifestyle ease.

Collagen comprises about 30% of body protein and 90% of human bone mass. It is essential for the total integrity of body structure and function and smooth radiant skin.
The rich source of Vitamin C in Vita C Baobab Fruit Powder is essentially for the biosynthesis of Collagen, supporting Collagen development. It is a nutrient dense organic superfood with one of the highest antioxidant profiles of any fruit on the planet, a prebiotic with 50% dietary fiber and it is packed with Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Potassium. Together they are a powerful combo supporting Collagen production in the body.

Simply mix 2 level scoops per day of this dry sherbet flavoured powder into your favourite fruit juice, smoothie or water. Mixes best in a warm liquid. Delicious with cereal, smoothie, yoghurt, or add it to your favourite dish or baking. Preferably not in tea or coffee due to its citrus taste.

Benefits of TAWA Labs Collagen

TAWA Labs Collagen is free from:

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