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Radiance Bioactive Collagen - 30 Sachets

Radiance Bioactive Collagen - 30 Sachets

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The perfect beauty care.

30 Day Supplement

Tawa Labs’ Radiance Bioactive Collagen is a next generation game changer for all skin types, enhancing a radiant aesthetic appearance while promoting skin health, inside and out. Its healthy aging properties promote smooth, hydrated, elastic skin. The bioactive peptides in Radiance Collagen are derived from a highly controlled production process of Collagen development, proteoglycan and elastin at a cellular level through biosynthesis. Radiance Bioactive Collagen can influence a flawless you – now and in the years to come.

Tawa Labs’ Radiance Collagen is in single dose sachet form. Simply take 1 sachet daily in your beverage of choice. Due to its extremely high bioavailability, only 2.5g a day is required.

Benefits of TAWA Labs Collagen

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