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Muscle Active Collagen with Vita C Baobab 690g

Muscle Active Collagen with Vita C Baobab 690g

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The Perfect Collagen Smoothie Blend.

30 Day Supplement

Muscle Active Collagen with Vita C Baobab is a scientifically formulated Combo supplement of choice if muscle, bone, body and skin tone are important to you. Muscle Active bioavailable Collagen drives fitness through muscle, bone & cartilage function and strength. The highly specialized Collagen peptides are 90% protein and may support healthy body changes in combination with resistance training.

The rich source of Vitamin C in Vita C Baobab Fruit Powder is essentially for the biosynthesis of Collagen supporting Collagen development. It is a nutrient dense organic superfood with one of the highest antioxidant profiles of any fruit on the planet, a prebiotic with 50% dietary fiber and it is packed with Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Potassium. Together they are a powerful combo supporting Collagen production in the body.

Simply mix 2 rounded scoops per day of this dry sherbet flavoured powder into your favourite juice, smoothy or water. Delicious with cereal , smoothie, yoghurt, or add it to your favourite dish or baking. Mixes best in a warm liquid. Preferably not in tea or coffee due to its citrus taste.

Benefits of TAWA Labs Collagen

TAWA Labs Collagen is free from:

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