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EasyGlide: Warming Waterbased - 150ml

EasyGlide: Warming Waterbased - 150ml

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EasyGlide Warming Lubriant is a high-quality warming water-based lubricant.

Playing with temperatures during sexual pleasure is an effective way to awaken the sexual desire. A warming lubricant spreads a hot feeling like natural arousal or orgasms.

EasyGlide Warming Lubricant offers long-lasting lubricating properties for intimate pleasure that will leave you with a warm sensation. Massage onto your partner or yourself and enjoy the warmth during sex, masturbation, or foreplay.

If the intention is to use lubricant together with a pleasure product or other intimate product in silicone, a water-based lubricant is recommended. This is because the silicone surface on the product can react with the silicone in the silicone-based lubricants and there is a risk that the silicone surface of the product gets destroyed.

Compatible with latex condoms.


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