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EasyGlide: Anal Waterbased - 150ml

EasyGlide: Anal Waterbased - 150ml

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EasyGlide Anal Lubricant is a high-quality water-based lubricant for anal use.

The thicker consistency of EasyGlide Anal Lubricant makes it optimal for anal sex or other anal stimulation. As the anal has no natural lubrication, an effective lubricant with long-lasting lubrication is required for optimal pleasure.

The fat-free composition of ingredients is easily removed with water and leaves no marks, not even during your most passionate moments.

EasyGlide Anal Lubricant has a consistency that feels comfortable on the skin, does not stick and has excellent lubricating properties.

If the intention is to use lubricant together with a pleasure product in silicone, a water-based lubricant is recommended. This is because the silicone surface on the product can react with the silicone in the silicone-based lubricants and there is a risk that the silicone surface of the product gets destroyed.

Compatible with latex condoms.

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