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Bswish Bfit Classic Kegel Balls - Purple

Bswish Bfit Classic Kegel Balls - Purple

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Who doesn't want stronger, more frequent orgasms?

Train your pleasure sensitivity with these love balls: a customizable Kegel workout, complete with four interchangeable free-floating weights, that deliver deeply arousing sensations.

Two easy-to-use harnesses are perfected with an ultra-thin (yet super strong) retrieval cord for maximum comfort and extended wear as you train your pelvic floor.


Start with the lighter 28g weights and work your way up to the heavier 38g weight.


Kegel balls are designed to help you correctly locate and target your pelvic floor muscles, allowing you to exercise them effectively. Love balls are inserted into the vagina, and whilst your body holds and clenches around them, you are effectively working out and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.
As well as keeping your pelvic floor healthy and strong, they’re also great for increasing intimate sensations and improving orgasms. Not only ideal for boosting sexual pleasure and performance but they have a range of health benefits, including:

• Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and reducing urinary incontinence or fecal leakage.
• Reducing the risk of a pelvic organ prolapse.
• Assisting in preparing your muscles for childbirth and regaining muscle toning and strength post-childbirth.
• Improving vaginal blood flow and increasing vaginal health.

Try them now and thank us later!

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